We’re actively hiring for a range of roles that make up our multidisciplinary team.

Our priority is to provide outstanding mental health care to help our patients receive the best possible treatment and live a more fulfilling life. Could you be part of this opportunity to support your community?

AWP Healthcare Professional


As a mental health nurse you will have the opportunity to work alongside service users in their path towards personal recovery in a variety of settings, ranging from inpatient services to community. Whether it is assessing service user needs, providing care and treatment, carrying out one-to-one interventions or working with families to monitor a service user’s progress, the role is wide and varied.

We are proud to offer fantastic learning and development support throughout all levels of nursing, from our excellent Legacy Mentoring service to our quality awarded Preceptorship package for newly qualified nurses. With a supportive team of clinical educators there is real opportunity to develop core skills, gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

AWP Healthcare Professional

Psychological Services

Psychological Therapy services are trained practitioners to work with mental health problems ranging from common difficulties e.g. Anxiety and depressions to serious mental health problems including Psychosis. They provide evidence-based talking therapies. There are many job roles within Physiological Therapies which include:

  • Assistant Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 
  • Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 
  • CBT Therapist 
  • High Intensity Therapist
  • Trainee High Intensity Therapist
  • Employment Advisor
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Clinical/ Counselling/ Health and Forensic Psychologist
  • Clinical Associate Psychologist
  • Assistant Psychologist
  • Mental Health Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Education Mental Health Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Family Therapist
  • Psychotherapist
AWP Healthcare Professional


There is a wide and exciting range of corporate positions which include some of the following areas: Finance, Estates, IT, Human Resources, Health and Safety and Corporate Communications.

At AWP these roles play an important and integral role in supporting both the clinical and non-clinical services across the Trust.

Occupational Therapist

Allied Health Professionals

 Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) play a vital role in treating, rehabilitating and improving the lives of our patients. Working closely alongside a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses, in a range of settings including our wards and patient homes, AHP’s support patients to live their lives as fully as possible. There are a variety of AHP roles within AWP which include:

  • Occupational Therapist 
  • Physiotherapist
  • Dietitian
  • Speech and Language Therapist 
  • Arts Psychotherapist (Art, Music or Drama Psychotherapist) 
  • Operating Department Practitioners
AWP Healthcare Professional


As a healthcare support worker you will work as part of a supportive multidisciplinary team, providing care and treatment for people experiencing mental health conditions and/or with learning disabilities. No two days are the same; it’s a wide-ranging, valuable role working alongside registered clinicians to deliver evidence-based interventions to make a significant contribution to service users’ psychological, emotional and social wellbeing.

Whether you are new to healthcare or already have healthcare experience, we are committed to providing ongoing training and development for all of our staff ranging from shadowing experienced healthcare professionals to attending training courses. Working in AWP, there are countless opportunities to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills in this role, or as a step towards becoming a registered practitioner.

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We are passionate about providing high quality compassionate care and offer a wide range of opportunities across all Psychiatry specialisms such as; General Adult, Old Age, CAMHS, Learning Disabilities, Forensics and Psychotherapy.  

AWP is a clinically led organisation and our senior doctors have a pivotal role in helping to lead this. To support senior doctors, we provide a leadership programme for newly appointed Consultants, as well as a bespoke induction and mentoring scheme. To support the career progression of our SAS doctors we also offer a Portfolio Pathway programme for those doctors seeking entry onto the GMC Specialist register.

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Our pharmacy teams offer a range of career opportunities such as a pharmacistpharmacy technician and pharmacy assistant roles. Pharmacy staff are involved with every aspect of medicines optimisation and management, all the way from procurement, to safe prescribing and administration.

Pharmacy staff play a vital role in improving the lives of our patients, ensuring the medicines they receive are safe, appropriate and have the desired positive impact on their physical and mental health.


Looking for a way to join our team?

We have plenty of routes, find the one that fits you. We’d love you to join us!

AWP Healthcare Professional

We’d love you to join our team!

We have a huge variety of roles, with opportunity for development and career progression.


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